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Exclusive of Mediczen GlobalLUXFACIEM SKIN RENEW


Luxfaciem Skin Renew® is a revolutionary premium line of treatment with CAP Peptide 5 to prevent and repair skin damage and the effects of aging. CAP Peptide 5 is a patented peptide, exclusive to Luxfaciem, born from research at the hands of the CSIC (Higher Council for Scientific Research) of rare skin diseases and pathologies related to cell damage caused by oncological diseases at the lung level. They discovered by chance that there was a protein with a very important activity in oxidative stress and was capable of repairing damaged cells and reversing cell damage in different organs and tissues. They realized that the sequence of this peptide was the same as a protein of the telomerase complex, with the biological function of repairing the telomere, activating cell survival, increasing the level of antioxidant enzymes that decrease oxidative stress and allowing them to cells live longer.


Action on the five pillars of aging:

After learning about these studies and the benefits that CAP Peptide 5 brings to the repair and reversal of any cellular damage, acting on the 5 pillars of aging, the Luxfaciem Skin Renew® project began: use this active ingredient in the prevention and protection of the organ most extensive of our body, the skin.

Smart Molecular Delivery:

Our technology consists of oily layers that trap within the active ingredients of Luxfaciem Skin Renew®, including CAP Peptide 5 and other active ingredients and nutrients, and release them into the deeper layers of the skin.

The union of these two components make Luxfaciem Skin Renew® a revolutionary product and a pioneer in biomolecular innovation against premature skin aging that acts on the five pillars of aging:

1- Decrease in telomere shortening.

2- Protection and increase of collagen.

3- Anti-inflammatory action.

4- Antioxidant action.

5- Increase of skin stem cells.


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