Young, dynamic company, dedicated to the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of latest generation biotechnological medical-aesthetic products.

Created by a group of scientific doctors of different specialties (i.e. researchers, aesthetic doctors, clinicians, oncologists, dermatologists) and a Legal team.

The motivation and driving force of our company is the research of rare diseases that began more than 20 years ago. From this research, a families of molecules were born which allows the development of biotechnological products that manage to treat and improve the quality of the skin.

This was the driving force which made us decide to undertake a long journey to bring to the world products of high technology and scientific value, with continuous R + D.

We have a multidisciplinary team highly qualified in both knowledge and professional experience, dedicated to our passion. We invest our time in the creation, design, execution, development, constant research of new techniques, active principles, new products and innovations for health care.

Our mission:Provide solutions for the development of your business while connecting you to the world.


Our company is comprised of a professional group of Lawyers, Researchers, Esthetic Doctors, Dermatologists and experts in international trade, with extensive experience, providing an advantage for your distribution needs.


Florida, nexus of the trade routes of the north-south and east-west axes, provides the ideal location for doing business with Europe, Latin America and United States in an effective way.


Our main commitment is to carry the best selection of products of the highest quality and biotechnological advances. Our medical team has extensive experience in Dermatology, Esthetic’s medicine, Research, and Clinical Studies.

We offer integral solutions

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